Spoon, Spread, Slather, Swirl


Spread Sweetness

Fresh fruit, dried fruit, cookies, pretzels, crackers, chocolate, nuts,  or popcorn. We dare you to find something that doesn't taste good dunked in our caramel sauces.  

20180503_Burnt_Cookies-6 (1).jpg

Caramel Cookie Sandwiches 

Store bought or home made - you do you.  Want to look like a pro?  Cookies + caramel sauce = done.


Burnt Punch

Tiki to the max.  Fresh squeezed pineapple juice, orange and lime juices, tequila (or mezcal if you're hipster) and caramel sauce (instead of simple syrup).  Shake, drink, repeat.


Garden Party Crostini

Grilled sourdough, local goat cheese, fresh pomegranante seeds, toasted pistachios, fried rosemary and (duh) caramel sauce.


Turtle Thumb Print Cookies

Chocolate cookie dough rolled in chopped Texas pecans and filled with a generous dollop of caramel sauce.


Classic Southern Caramel Cake

Traditional and timeless, store bought pound cake or grandma's dense party cake recipe - no celebration is complete without this show stopper.

"My favorite cake!" - everyone who's tried it.